Pak Assist Healthcare Management provides medical and travel assistance in Pakistan to our international clients including insurance companies, assistance companies, and TPAs. Our services range from cashless treatment, ground ambulance, homecare services, evacuation and repatriation, medical escort, claims investigation and verification services, and airport pick and transfers.

A Medical & Travel Assistance Company
That's Always There for its Valued Clients

We can offer up-front payment and take care of all communication and payment handling in the given situation. Our network includes everything from hospitals, house-call doctors, ground ambulance providers, air ambulance providers, helicopter providers, and funeral directors.

Medical & Travel Assistance

We are here to serve you with medical and travel assistance round the clock.

Cashless Treatment

Your patients can focus on speedy recovery as we manage all medical bills.

Evacuation & Repatriation

We have arrangements to evacuate and repatriate patients from remote areas.

Medical/Non-Medical Escort

Our professionals take responsibility of safely handing patients to safe hands.

Labs Investigation/Radiology

We ensuer your labs are done properly and are shared with doctors in time.

Home Care Services

Our medical professionals also provide home care services in select areas.

Travel Arrangements

We make sure our valued clients enjoy a hassle-free travel itinerary.

Hotel Bookings

We also make hotel and travel arrangements for our valued clients.

Claims Invest./Verification

Our professionals are trained to understand and process medical claims.

Pak-Assist Healthcare Management

Why Choose Us?

  • We speak the languages
  • We have local offices/staff
  • We know the areas
  • We know what to look for
  • We know the culture

Why Outsource to Pak-Assist Healthcare Management?

Outsourcing to Pak-Assist is a cost-saving option for your organization. Pak-Assist can perform tasks at a lower and affordable cost while maintaining the quality standards set by You. Due to the difference in the currency exchange rate, we can be rather trusted as a cost-effective partner for your business. The studies reveal that there are cost savings of around 40-60% by outsourcing to our part of the world i.e. South Asia.

Increased Efficiency
Pak-Assist Healthcare Management
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Pak-Assist Healthcare Management
We are reliable

We speak the language of trust and reliability, and that's why our clients are always satisfied with our services.

The Team That You Can Trust

Pak-Assist Healthcare Management has a team of professionals who has over 15 years of outsourcing experience and serving successfully healthcare markets of USA, Europe, and the Middle East by retaining 85% of the clients. Pak-Assist professionals bring years of experience in business practices and expertise in delivering complex outsourcing projects which leads to an increase not only in productivity but also in efficiency which contributes to the bottom-line of your financial statement.

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