About Us

Based in Pakistan, the Pak-Assist Healthcare Management takes pride in serving its local and foreign clients like never before. With an extended network and improved services, we have what it takes to execute the tasks and jobs in hand.

What We Do?

The Pak-Assist Healthcare Management is your one-stop solution for services ranging from direct billing, travel assistance, and emergency evacuation to organizations that have employees or insured members around the world. We assist companies in planning their travel to unfamiliar locations, thereby managing the travel risk to keep their staff members safe.

Pak-Assist Healthcare Management | What We Do
Pak-Assist Healthcare Management | What We Do

Who We Are?

We at Pak-Assist Healthcare Management offer cashless treatment and take care of all communication and payment handling in any given situation.

Our network includes everything from hospitals, house-call doctors, ground ambulance providers, air ambulance providers, helicopter providers, and funeral directors.